What is Visual Basic?

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Re: What is Visual Basic?

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:10 pm

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What is Visual Basic?

Post by Myyr on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:42 pm


Well, to answer your question, visitor. You need to know what is meant by Visual Basic and what programs can be created with it. Do you know how it works, huh? If not, it is an obligation for you to know what is meant by Visual Basic.

What is Visual Basic?

Firstly, Visual Basic is a high level programming language which evolved from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. BASIC means Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Plus, it is a very easy programming language to learn. The code look a lot like English Language. Different software companies produced different versions of BASIC, such as Microsoft QBASIC, QUICKBASIC, GWBASIC, IBM, and BASICA. However, people prefer to use Microsoft Visual Basic today, as it is a well developed programming language and supporting resources are available everywhere. Now, there are many versions of Visual Basic exist in the market, the most popular one and still widely used by many Visual Basic programmers is none other than Visual Basic 6.

Secondly, Visual Basic is a VISUAL and events driven Programming Language. These are the main divergence from the old BASIC. In BASIC, programming is done in a text-only environment and the program is executed sequentially. Well, in Visual Basic, programming is done in a graphical environment. In the old BASIC, you have to write program code for each graphical object you wish to display it on screen, including its position and its color. However, In Visual Basic, you just need to drag and drop any graphical object anywhere on the form, and you can change its color any time using the properties windows. Well, it is much easier than with other BASIC software, huh?

What programs can you create with Visual Basic?

Last but not least, with Visual Basic 6, you can create any program depending on your objective. For example, if you are a college or university lecturer, you can create educational programs to teach business, economics, engineering, computer science, accountancy, financial management, information system and more to make teaching more effective and interesting. If you are in business, you can also create business programs such as inventory management system, point-of-sale system, payroll system, financial program as well as accounting program to help manage your business and increase productivity. For those of you who like games and working as games programmer, you can create those programs as well. Indeed, there is no limit to what program you can create.

So, Visual Basic is a vital role in the software world. Well, no wonder if we can master this skill, for the world is packed with of sophisticated technology.

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