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Post by Myyr on Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:08 pm


Peace goes to FWOC visitors. Acknowledge that our website WOC which have achieved an impressive goal. Well, it is quite remarkable. So, with this achievement, we want to give you an opportunity to share the programs that you have made or programs that you like. It is not prohibited for us to share, right? Nevertheless, use this opportunity as soon as possible because only chances came once to you. But, there are certain rules that must be obeyed.

Make sure you according all the rules and regulations or actions will be taken against you.

> Make sure you are sharing the software is from a trustworthy source.

> Any suspicious activity will be automatically removed without prior notice.

> Impersonation, advertising, and intrigue is not allowed. Well, these things should be prevented.

> For educational only. If you like the software, we recommend that you buy it.

> Respect each other. Well, it is a common multi-racial and religion community.

So, we hope you can follow all the regulations. If so, you are entitled to share all the knowledge you have.

F.WOC Stuff,
Knowledge is complimentary.

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Re: Introduction

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:26 pm

That was awesome we will surely do that sir

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